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There are some required elements of a permit imprint indicia.. When not in the indicia, the class of mail must be marked on the mailpiece directly below or to . Here's a sample of what a permit imprint indicia looks like.. Because you don't have postage affixed, the Postal Service has to verify the number of pieces in . Each mailpiece sent under this method must bear a permit imprint indicia showing that postage is paid. This payment method may be used for postage and extra . Services: Mail Services > General Automated Mail Guidelines. The Indicia BULK RATE is phased out by the Post Office, and will not be used by US Press Direct.May 14, 2010 . A postal Indicia takes the place of a stamp or postage meter imprint and is generally printed directly on the pieces to be mailed. This saves the . The US Postal Service has specific requirements about printed products that are mass. If you have any leftover (non-mailed) postcards with your postal indicia . Postcard specifications cover USPS guidelines, postcard postal regulations and. Postage/Indicia: 1.625" x 1.375" anchored from top right bleed corner; Bar . You can let your imagination run wild on the front of a postcard (as long as nothing can be mistaken for an address or indicia). However, the back side and the . Jan 25, 2017 . First-Class Mail® and Standard Mail® letters and postcards. •. What is USPS Picture Permit™ indicia? USPS Picture Permit™ indicia (PPI) . Apr 2, 2010 . The magnet can be placed ANYWHERE on the postcard, the postcard ONLY if the dist. is ALSO in the same city as the indicia that is being .

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