Results 1 - 20 of 136 . I currently take 7.5mg/325 percocets but I'm going to a new. Percoc. Feb 4, 2009 . To tell you the truth, I'm 17 years old. Now don't get mad even though you. May 23, 2012 . Mixing Percocet and alcohol can trigger a pleasant, relaxing state. But you can. …Oct 30, 2012 . Being dependent on Percocet simply means that you can't stop taking Percocet w. Aug 5, 2012 . In fact, you shouldn't just quit Percocet cold turkey (unless you must) because. Sep 29, 2013 . Hi, I'm new to this blog. I'm posting here because I don't know who els. Consumer ratings reports for PERCOCET. experience flu like symptoms and I' m wondering if th. Oct 29, 2014 . I was taking percocet 7.5/325 and now I'm on oxycodone 5mg. I feel completely.
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