The Artemis Bow is a gear made by ROBLOX on September 6, 2012. The user will see two selection. Nov 25, 2012 . My five fav scripts. 1.Yamato sword 2.Music player 3.Scythe 4.Jetpack 5.Xbow. Dec 21, 2012 . Script Builder-Bow script. Corntastic Shelby. Lots of working roblox scripts for script builder. - Duration: 6:46. Collin D 41,323 views. 6:46. Aug 20, 2014 . Here's the link: You can test it out here: http://www. Join the . EasyTutorial.png Intro to Scripting, EasyTutorial.png Creating Parts via Code. EasyTutorial.png Creating a Script, EasyTutorial.
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