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USPS First Class postcards are a low cost method to send marketing materials to your customers. allows you to easily buy postcard postage.Buy stamps online - directly from USPS. Featuring love stamps, wedding stamps, commemorative stamps, and more.. Coastal Birds Postcard Stamp Postcard . Postcard Size, Quantity, Price, Cost. First-Class Mail® Stamped Large Postcards. Maximum size: 11-1/2 inches long by 6-1/8 inches high by 1/4 inch thick. $0.49 . If you are mailing your wedding-themed postcards in 2016 or 2017 you will need a 34 cent stamp to mail it 1st-class. Be sure to double-check the weight and . Jan 22, 2017 . I had no idea you could save this much money on postage stamps. I've learned how to buy them for only $0.42 each. That's almost as cheap as . Apr 7, 2016 . The U.S. Postal Service announced Thursday that it will drop the price of postage stamps starting this weekend—the first time it has lowered the . Jan 22, 2014 . If you are a frequent letter/postcard sender, you'll want to take note of the. On this date, the price of Forever Stamps will increase from 46¢ per stamp to. Sure it's cheap with all these coupons but for the sake of . Marketing Mail bulk mail has one level of discount postage rates for commercial mailers, and substantially greater discounts for approved nonprofit organizations  . Shop huge selection of US Postage Stamps in Denomination: Forever Stamp,1 Cent,3 Cent. Topic: Seasonal, Christmas,Birds,Flags, National Emblems.Feb 26, 2016 . Stamp prices will decrease by two cents on April 10 unless Congress acts, the. Postcard stamp prices will drop by a penny to 34 cents, and .

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