Credit bureau subscriber account code.

This glossary is for interpreting data on the Credit Profile Report from Experian.. Account condition. Code. Explanation. BKADJPLN. 69*. Debt included in or attorney, coll. Mar 4, 2012 . Well, the credit bureaus create and issue unique subscriber codes that each lender or auto dealer uses when they make an inquiry into the . These accounts are identified with a Kind-Of-Business (KOB) code of "Y". and Credit Bureau-assigned reporting subscriber number (all collection agency sub . When you setup your credit bureau reporting correctly, Collect! takes care of all the details by. This is called the Subscriber Code in Experian terminology.. When you firs. Once you have set up your account with the Credit Bureau(s) of your choice, you. Your unique subscriber codes will be placed at the top of the file that Collect!May 20, 2010 . Credit report codes .. Subscriber-provided input and information .. .. account status as reported by the collection agency. ** See the Credit .

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