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Trying to access the internet through Verizon Wireless VZAccess using their 4G aircard. I am receiving a connectio failed error code 2114. I am trying to figure . Error code 2114 and 2107 can be fixed by going to device manager>universal serial bus controllers> right click root hub go to properties> p read more.Vzaccess manager - connection failed unknown error code 2114? Verizon access manager connection failed unknown error code 2114 . Anyone have a solution for error 'msg 2114' on the iphone4s? It appears that. Then I texted the number again with the area code and it went through. Then I . I have most of my contacts saved without an area code, for the fact that it is much simplier to find when going to call. Now because of this, I am getting "9230: . If the utility is unable to automatically recognize your existing area code and number, the existing number will be displayed, and you will be prompted to enter the .

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