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How to Get Revenge on Your Ex. If you and your ex broke up because s/he did something nasty to you, it's only fair to want revenge. Don't get back, get even!Feb 9, 2016 . From small digs to grand gestures, here are some of the best ways to Get Revenge On Your Ex. We feel for those of you who have to spend . Mar 12, 2015 . I spend a lot of time thinking of ways to carry out revenge when I've been. If ever they say they want to be friends, send your ex an audio . Get Revenge On Your Ex. Has Your Ex Screwed You Over? Don't Suffer In Silence - Let Us Help You To Get Revenge! Click Here To Start . Dec 19, 2016 . “When I found out how much my now-ex-husband was spending on his new apartment, I bought my first pair of Manolo Blahniks,” she says.Oct 20, 2015 . Um, YIKES! 10 Outrageous Ways People Got REVENGE On Their Exes. 484. . Here's How To Get Your Ex Back By Using 2 Magic Words.Mar 14, 2013 . The ultimate revenge against a Packers fan.. If your cheating ex didn't approve of you dressing sexy, do like this girl did and sell all the clothes . Feb 1, 2006 . Moving on - Running into your ex. is to establish sweet revenge by making her feel guilty as ever for having put him through such agony.When I found out my ex cheated on me, we decided to call it quits.. . issue in a perfect way, call him +15036626930 if you need help to get your lover backMay 9, 2016 . We all know the tried-and-true ways to get revenge on your ex — getting a “ revenge body,” sleeping with your ex's best friend, etc. etc.

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